Sire: Multi BIS BISS AM CAN INTL CH Stormwarning Calm B4 The Storm - "Nikki"

Dam: Multi BIS UKC CAN CH Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar -"Cinna"

Litter born December 2, 1997

Photo: 8 Weeks - 29 Jan 1998
Top: Isa, Igloo, Image, Indaba, Inch
Bottom: Ivy, Ivan and Ishtar

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By the way, the puppies are listed in their birth order and all EIGHT are conformation championship titled!

4 are BPIS Winners and 4 are BISS and/or BIS Winners and 2 are National BISS Winners!

BISS BPIS DANISH CH Shapali's Ishtar Infatuation - "Ishtar" - now "Chili"
(Multi Danish BPIS, Danish BISS)

CAN BPIS CH Shapali's The Instigator - "Ivan"
(Canadian BPIS Winner, Multi Group Placer)

CAN UKC CH Shapali's Intriqued By Shanda - "Isa" - now "Shanda"
(Multi Group Placer, Group 2 Working & Herding Spec)

MULTI BIS BISS PHIL GR CH CAN CH Shapali's Igloo Illusion - "Igloo"
(Cebu, Philippines Top Show Dog years 1999, 2000 & 2001)

CAN UKC RBIS CH Shapali's Impulsive Poison Ivy - "Ivy"
(Multi Group Placer, AOM 2000 Reg Spec)

BISS CKC MULTI BIS UKC GR CH Shapali's Invitation To Indaba - "Indaba"
(National BISS 2002, 4 CKC BPIS & French RBIS, #10 UKC 2001)

BIS UKC CKC CH Shapali's Winterberry Ilex - "Image" - now "Holly"
(Multi Group Placer, #7 UKC North America 2001)

CAN BPIS CH Shapali's Giv An Inch Go Miles - "Inch" - now "Miles"
(Multi Canadian BPIS, Multi Group Placer)

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